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Vuoma 2 Tumesinine sügis/ talv

Tootekood: V2T

69,00 €

* Suurus


"The best shoe for growing feet"! Kids boot for colder environment. The first shoe designed to let the child´s foot grow without restrictions. Very flexible, very wide and very light. NatuRun outsole which is very thin, but made with durable special rubber compound. With this shoe the kids´s foot muscles and tendons will be stronger, foot arch will develop without any artificial (=bad) supports and the shape of the foot will be natural. Easy to put on/off. Extra Thermal insole for winter. Sizes: 22-34 (EUR) Color: Blue with Burgundy trim Materials: Leatherette, microfiber and synthetic reinforcements Outsole: NatuRun 1.8-2.5 mm We recommend water-repellant treatment if the shoe will be used in wet conditions (like spray-on treatment, beeswax etc.).

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